Selling tires is not our purpose, quality tire with quality service is our target

Kunlun 315/80R22.5 KT858 is for high-way specific wearable tread design, widening tread surface to ensure higher mileage.

Enhanced cap structure and specific 4 belt cap design, low heating recipe, optimised shoulder desigh, inhibiting deformed wear and reducing the quality risk as shoulder cap explosion, cap off.

Kunlun 315/80R22.5 KT855,KT870 are for off road driving position optimized profile design, stone ejection treatment at the bottom groove, and widened block design on the shoulder to provide excellent anti-biasing performance and better stone ejection effect in

Different road conditions enhanced carcass and bead structure, tyre bead adopts heavy load tech, improves the fatigue and shear resistance, reduce quality risks of the bead seperation, crack or explosion, ensure multiple retreading of tires.

So the problem has come out, there are so many advantages with Kunlun 315/80R22.5, how should I suggest it to all my partners?

The answer is that it was impossible for all your partners, you should make sure Kunlun brand marketing location, comparing with most of brands, Kunlun has no price advantage, but as you know, everyone like Mercedez-Benz than Peugeot, so let’s touch partners with quality. Firstly, choose direct customer, like express groups, big truck team…Secondly let them use your tire, testing 1-2pcs fine. Thirdly, suggest your truck team service solution.(welcome more details inquiry for truck team service solutions)
Selling tires is not our purpose, quality tire with quality service is our target.

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