What Is Difference 315 80r22.5 20pr VS 22pr?

Introduction of 315 80r22 5 Tire:

315 80r22 5 tire is a very popular in almost all the countries in the world. Many of the companies supplying this size with various quality standards some are producing extra ordinary good quality tyres and some are producing medium quality tyres. Most of customers value quality a lot and preferred to use those best quality tire brands.

This tire is specifically designed for excellent traction in extreme weather conditions on a variety of surfaces. It also prevent the tire from irregular wear on the tough road surface.

Unique tread formula designed for severe application provides the best level of traction and grip even in extreme temperatures.

Understanding the Significance of 315 80r 22.5 tires:

Optimal Size and Design:

The 315 80r22 5 tire specification signifies key aspects of these tires like as '315' represents the tire width in millimeters, and '80' represents the aspect ratio (the ratio of the tire’s height to width), and '22.5' is the diameter of the wheel rim in inches.

Which shows this tire size offers a great balance of width, height, and diameter, making it ideal for highway applications.

Enhanced Load-Bearing Capacity:

Exceptional load-bearing capacity is main benefit of 315 80r 22.5 tires. These tires excel in carrying heavy  weights and ensuring stability and safety on the roads.

Durability and Longevity:

These tires need to useful for long distances and diverse road conditions with their advance construction and high-quality materials, increased the durability.

Traction and Grip:

These tires offer excellent traction and grip on various surfaces, contributing to enhanced safety and control.

Design & Usage:

Further how it designed from selection of raw material to planning its production line and then move forward to quality control, all the steps used in its production are the highest standard. 

For 315 80r 22.5,  not only doing the upgradation of tire compound to challenge the toughest road and loading conditions, but also design more available patterns for usage.

This size suits most to drivers looking for urban all-position tires for their waste management transportation, high-scrub vehicles, Heavy Truck, Coach and Bus etc.

Also these kind of steer and all position tires suitable for mixed highway and freeway for Long Distance Transport and Regional Transport service as well.

Features & Attributes:

This tire size having many special attributes to prove itself best quality tire and some of the features are mentioned below:

  • Extra-deep tread for aggressive traction and long original mileage.
  • Advanced tread compounds for resistance to cuts, chips, tearing and irregular wear, self-cleaning tread for high traction
  • Advanced groove technology includes a self-cleaning design for reduced stone retention for extended casing life.
  • A durable temperature-resistant bead and belt package ensures longer life.

Above mentioned signature features an advanced tread compound and design that ensures overall protection with its advanced technology.

In addition, due to its durable casing, this tire checks for the ability to withstand high temperatures, high traction, high mileage, and longer tread life.

Comparison/Difference between 20PR & 22PR:

  • Tire size 315 80r 22.5 which is having 22PR is stronger than 20PR and it could have a higher safety factor. 
  • The LI ( Load Index ) of normal tire brand 20PR is 157/154, on the other side while  22PR is 164/160 to provide a better working capacity and lower failure rate.
  • The force distribution in bead area by the recombination rubber core, to increase the bead durability. Also by applying 2 nylon pieces around the bead area to increase the bead intensity.

Below these points could help have a better tire performance, which contributes to the cost saving and achieve a better customer experience!

What Is Difference 315 80r22.5 20pr VS 22pr? 1

We have to see thoroughly above picture for better explanation of difference between 20 PR & 22 PR.

  • Thicker Bead Design, Stronger Materials and Improved Structure Design.
  • Mix Cut Resistant with Low Heat Rubber Compound Inside.
  • Special Pattern Design for Mix Road Condition with 70% Overload Ability.

What Is Difference 315 80r22.5 20pr VS 22pr? 2

Best Quality Tire Brands KUNLUN 315 80r 22.5

Here are some of the most used and popular patterns offered by KUNLUN tire with variation of different PR’s which are following:

Drive Steer Tires with Patterns KT858 KT870 KT855

What Is Difference 315 80r22.5 20pr VS 22pr? 3


  • Kunlun belongs to Double Coin group & heavier than Double Coin.
  • Steel bead fabric 4 belt structure and high load capacity.
  • Reliable quality & friendly prices.
  • Immediate shipment & excellent warranty policy.

KT-858 Product specifications and features

  • The four-groove tread pattern maintains a direction and drainage during high-speed driving experience, and the cross steel plate makes good grip and anti-skid.
  • High wear-resistant tread formula widening of the tire shoulder which helps reduce wear rate.
  • Adjustable groove angle to improve tire traction.
  • Special thread and block proportions provide excellent wear resistance.
  • It suits a lot to the highways and paved roads.

KT-855 Product specifications and features

  • The new design of deep butterfly grooves ensures quality of high-speed driving experience and water drainage of the tire. It also increase resistance and fatigue strength of the tire body.
  • Lateral design provides excellent traction, drive and slip resistance.
  • Special tread formula and reasonable block ratio makes excellent wear resistance.

KT-870 Product specifications and features

  • Wider lateral groove design improves tire performance and slip resistance on wet roads, widens the driving surface and increases tire ground pressure;
  • This pattern mostly suitable for highways and paved roads.


This tire size 315/80R22.5 is playing a vital role in ensuring efficiency, productivity and safety when it comes to the transportation industry. Among the large number best tires options available, the 315/80R22.5 tires has become the most popular choice due to their durability and performance.

This tires offered balanced solution for highway applications. When dealing with heavy loads typical in transport operations, the excellent traction and better fuel performance play an important and cost saving role in environmental and operational activities.

So Kunlun tire has upgraded the tire design, formula, and structure again, and launch with new enthusiasm. Kunlun tire offers us a strong guarantee, from Its 4-belt and 5-layer sidewall strong edge cutting advanced technology not only increases the strength of the patterns, but also effectively reduces the damage to the side tires caused by road conditions.

So the tires are extremely strong, and can calmly deal with the strong impact of foreign objects in the rough desert road conditions even. In the end, investing in quality tires is an investment in the productivity and safety of transport operations. So choose wisely.

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