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Pioneer of Automatic Intelligent China Tire Factory.

“Automation, informatization, Intellectualization, Digitalization, Visualization and Traceability”

Technology R&D

Pioneer in
intelligent Tire Manufacturing

As a leader in transforming and upgrading the tire industry and the pilot plant for intelligent manufacturing, Kunlun Tire adopts independent innovation as its development philosophy. To realize the integration of information technology and industrialization, in the whole process pf production, it builds the automatic, information-based, intelligent, digital, visual, and traceable smart manufacturing new model.

New material research

One of the core technologies of tire factory is unique raw materials. The research and application of various new materials such as ultra-high specific surface area white carbon black, ultra-high wear-resistant carbon black, conductive carbon black, thermal pyrolysis carbon black, cobalt-based butadiene rubber, solution polymerized styrene butadiene rubber (SSBR), etc , can open the bottleneck of formulation performance, promote the speed of formula development, and help product performance improvement.

Digital research
and development

With unique and innovative design layout and the world’s leading digital and automation equipment, supported by French “Dassault ENOVIA System”.Kunlun Tire has been applied with Internet, Internet of things, CPS and industrial cloud, through integration with CAD system, ERP system, PLM system, OA system, CRM system, MDM system, MES system, to realize” traceability” of tire production process.

Provincial Technology Center

The Tire factory has established cooperation platforms with a number of universities based on its own technical needs to promote in-depth research and innovation of new materials and technologies. The laboratory of the company has passed the CNAS approval. The technical center of the company is awarded “Provincial Grade Technology Center”.The tire factory has actively led and participated in the creation and revision of 110 international, national, and industry standards.

PLM lifecycle management of tires

The intelligent tire factory will supervise the whole procedures from R&D, raw material selection, mixing, building, pressing and curing, QR control, to warehousing, which practically realizing the lifecycle management for all tires.

Whole Series Products

Based on more than 50 years of development, the main products of Kunlun tires have changed from traditional bias tires to all-steel radial tires. Up to now, the company has five product series, including all-steel radial truck tire, light truck tire, off-the-road tire, industrial tire, and agricultural tire, with nearly 800 varieties.

Full-automatic logistics System + Intelligent Stereoscopic Warehouses

“Achieving automatic and seamless transferring for 11 subsystems”

· Full-automatic logistics System

Using AGV "automatic guided transport vehicle" from Sweden, 3D truss robot, ABB joint robot from Switzerland and other international advanced equipment, Kunlun’s advanced logistic system by the MES system ”Manufacturing Execution System” has made all the production procedures connected seamlessly and instantly. The intelligent logistics system realizes the production of high-efficiency, fast, intelligent, and reliable process lines from automatic material requisition, fixed storage, precise transportation, and abnormal feedback.

· Intelligent Stereoscopic Warehouses

The intelligent warehouse system has improved the storage efficiency by integrating information flow with logistics.

4 Automated Intelligent stereoscopic warehouses has effectively reduced inventory in the production process and guaranteed the quality of tire parts and semi-parts.

Tire Factory Manufacturing Execution System (MES system)

The first company in "full life cycle traceability" for all steel radial tire production lines - complete information traceability within 5 seconds

Kunlun Tire is a leading enterprises in the production management informationization of the tire factory.

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The Tire Factory, “connects in the whole line” all equipment, robots and process flows via the “Super Brain”MES, conducts information interaction, data collection, process monitoring, and intelligent feedback throughout the entire process of each production line, to achieve all-area intelligence, all-process automation and all-round information.

Kunlun’s MES system will supervise the whole procedures from R&D, raw material selection, mixing, building, pressing and curing, QR controal, to warehousing, which practically realizing the lifecycle management for all tires.

· Full Automation- the time of producing a single tire is reduced from 48 hours to 30 hours

The quality of the rubber material determines 80% of the internal tire quality. Kunlun Tires introduced Japanese Kobelco BB430 high-efficiency internal mixer, using 6WI, 4WN high-efficiency shearing rotors and high-efficiency meshing rotors to comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency of rubber mixing.

Intelligent Factory 1

Tire tread is automatically collected by a grille car and is automatically transported with AGV to prevent human error, ensure the quality of tire tread, and improve the uniformity of the tire.

Intelligent Factory 2


TPRO-S Intelligent building machine - the world's highest performance intelligent building machine, which is the most important equipment to improve tire uniformity.

Tire building speed is increased by 25%-30% and the working efficiency per capita is increased by 56.5%, daily output is more than 450 pieces of tires.

Integrate building machine for bead wire- reducing the production time from 69 seconds to 23 seconds.

Intelligent Factory 3

Using leading full hydraulic B-type double-mold vulcanizer, with automatic logistics system, ultra-high precision, fast loading speed, and full-process automated.

Intelligent Factory 4

5.Final Inspection

Final testing

Intelligent Factory 5

Intelligent Final inspection

FTQ of TBR tires ≥99.80%

FTQ of OTR tires ≥99.95%

Each tire has its unique barcode “ID”, Kunlun’s PLM system can quickly trace back to the tire’s raw material information, production process, test result, logistics information, etc. on a global scale within 5 seconds.

1. X-ray machine
Kunlun tire fully automated modular x-ray inspection systems for tire quality control, the internal parts of the tire will be inspected for any underlying defects that could take place during initial use to ensure that all of the tires are structurally sound and reliable right out of production.

Intelligent Factory 6

2. Appearance inspector
The surface of each tire will be inspected thoroughly to ensure that there are no cracks, molds or bubbles detected.

Intelligent Factory 7

3. Uniformity tester

American Akron Uniformity tester is a fully automatic machine used for 100% tire checking in production to help ensure tire quality .

Intelligent Factory 8

4. Dynamic balance tester
The dynamic balance test machine can accurately measure the imbalance of tires, any errors can be found and corrected in the first time, effectively improving the stability of the tires and improving work efficiency.

Intelligent Factory 9

5. German Zeiss INTACT 1600 tire holographic non-destructive testing machine

With the shearography technology, material deformations in the micron range can be reliably detected. This ensures the high-precision quality control of new tires.

Intelligent Factory 10

Intelligent Tire Factory

The intelligent Tire manufacturing by the tire factory will supervise the whole procedures from R&D, raw material selection, mixing, building, pressing and curing, QR control, to warehousing, which practically realizing the lifecycle management for all tires.

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