Solutions & Case Studies

Here are the packaged solutions we offer as well as practical examples.

Solutions & Case Studies

Kunlun Tires is able to to be the leading tire manufacturer and application solution provider
for all kinds of vehicles.​

high mileage tires 12R22.5 KT866

Tire Solutions for High Mileage Trucks

New upgraded higher MILEAGE series 12R22.5  KT876/KT866/KT879 tires, were recognized by the market with excellent wear and long treadlife. The average use mileage exceeds 400,000 kilometers, and the maximum mileage reaches 500,000 kilometers.

OTR Tire Solutions for Mining or Construction

As a professional tire solution provider for mining and construction, our tires were recognized from OE users such as SANY, TONLY, XCMG, HUALIN, SHANANXI, DONGFENG etc.

OTR mining tire solutions 23.5-25
Kunlun Mining truck tires KT691

Mining Truck Tire Solutions

Born in Northwest China - the worst environmental conditions and the most complicated road conditions, Kunlun is to be the leading tyre solutions provider in mining and construction industry.

Port Equipment Solutions

Cooperated with 13 famous port in China, Kunlun designs and develops port and cargo equipment tires for heavy duty applications.

Kunlun Port Equipment tire solutions KT619
Best Tractor Radial Tires - Agricultural Machinery Solutions- AGR 3

Agricultural Machinery Solutions

Kunlun Tires are supplying 118 designs of Agricultural Tires in various fields such as tractors, cultivating tires, harvesters, fight drugs, paddy tires, and agricultural equipment.

Tire Cases Study

Recognized from both Original  Equipment Market and Oversea Market

China OE Market

China Market

China OE Market

Oversea Market- Bolivia

OE Market Magnesium Mine

OE Market - Yangjiang Port

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