Why choose KUNLUN tire?


Why Choose KUNLUN Tire? When it comes to selecting the right tires for your vehicle, the choice can be overwhelming. With countless options available in the market, how do you decide which brand is the right fit for your needs? At kunlun tyre, we believe that the answer lies in our unwavering commitment to quality, […]

What Is Difference 315 80r22.5 20pr VS 22pr?

315 80r22 5 tire

Introduction of 315 80r22 5 Tire: 315 80r22 5 tire is a very popular in almost all the countries in the world. Many of the companies supplying this size with various quality standards some are producing extra ordinary good quality tyres and some are producing medium quality tyres. Most of customers value quality a lot […]

Guide To Choose 22.5 Low Profile Tires

KUNLUN 295/80r22.5 22.5 low profile tires

1: Introduction of 22.5 low profile tires: Low profile tires gain much popularity in recent years due to their sleek and sporty appearance. These tires are characterized by their shorter sidewall height and wider tread width compared to traditional tires. Low profile tires are specifically designed with a smaller or shorter sidewall height and a wider tread width. It […]

Top 10 Tire Factories In China

Top 10 Tire Factories In China

Introduction: Thanks to a large number of tire factories in china dedicated to producing first-class products, tyre manufacturers in china has firmly established itself as the dominant position in tire manufacturing. This article will introduce the top ten tire factories in China and show you the best in the industry. These tyre factory in china are known for their […]

Do High Mileage Tires Last Longer?

Best High Mileage Tires

Introduction High mileage tires are tires with long service life and high wear resistance. This ultra mileage tyres is usually made of wear-resistant rubber materials and special patterns designed to extend the service life of the tire and improve mileage performance. Best high mileage tires are commonly used in commercial vehicles and long-distance driving to reduce the […]

Ultimate Guide To Know Best High Mileage Tires


Introduction High mileage tyres with economical attributes are economical because high-mileage tires last longer, last longer, and save on tire replacement costs, meaning drivers can drive longer distances before needing to replace them. In terms of safety, the design of high-strength sidewalls and tire bottoms enables the tires to provide sufficient traction and grip to ensure […]

Top 5 Best High Mileage Tires Brands Reviews

Best High Mileage Tires

Introduction In this article, we will review the world's top 5 tire brands and mention the key factors for choosing high mileage tires. As we all know, among the many tire options, finding a set of tires that are both durable and perform well is crucial to finding the best tires for high-mileage driving. So in […]


425 85r21

PREMIUM TIRE-425 85R21 Kunlun 425 85r21-Hot Sale in Global Market & Radial OTR Tyre Special traction pattern design for loader application High quality, long warranty Competitive Prices than world known brands Tires with good puncture resistance Tyres have good service life Special tread formula   Size:425 85 21 Pattern depth: 25mm Layer (strength): 20/22PR Load […]

Enhance The Influence Of Kunlun Tyre Brand In Pakistan Market


Kunlun Tyre Brand In Pakistan Market Tires play a vital role in the transportation industry, especially in a country like Pakistan with a growing economy and extensive road networks such as CPEC highway and Motorway. This blog aims to provide insights into the tyre market in Pakistan and discuss what we need to make the brand more […]

295 80r22 5 Tyre-18PR Kunlun Tire KT870


295 80R22.5-18PR Kunlun Tire KT870 295 80r22 5 tyre Features: Block proportion optimization design improve the driving performance and wet and skid resistance of tire. Widen driving surface design provides excellent wet and skid wear resistance. Extra-deep tread and new tread formula for aggressive traction and long original mileage.  Mixed highway and freeway application, for long […]