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One of the leading manufacturer of tractor radial tires for your farms since 1970.

Agricultural Machinery Solutions

Kunlun is one of the leading manufacturers of radial agricultural tires in China. Started from 2018, we have successfully developed and produced more than 16 designs of radial tires and 102 designs of bias tires in various fields such as tractors, cultivating tires, harvesters, fight drugs, paddy tires, and agricultural equipment.


Compared with traditional bias tires, radial tires maximized performance in the field and highways with the specific compound and structure. The excellent performance and good market reputation immediately attracted the attention, and more than 13 agricultural machinery companies selected Kunlun agricultural radial tires, as a prototype.

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Solution Description

Tire solutions- Strict control on raw material
Strict Control on Raw Material

Raw Material control and management refers to worldwode well-known suppliers with excellent quality for qualifield product quality. All material was tested in the lab before release to the mass production.

OTR tire solutions - advanced Automatic Progress
Advanced Automatic Progress

Our advanced automation produce an exceptional line of market-leading tires from world top class equipment suppliers.

kunlun radial agricultural -tire solutions
Strict Quality Control

We ensure Strict Quality Control through full production process in manufacturing of quality tires. FTQ of finished product ≥96.99% of AGR tires.

AGR tire solutions tractor Tires- 540-65R30-650-65R38
Trusted Suppliers

With excellent performance and good market reputation, Kunlun agricultural radial tire was immediately recognized by more than 13 Original Agricultural Machinery and auto manufacturers. 


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