Innovation for Your Fleet

Designed with the latest innovations, our new upgraded high MILEAGE Tire for highway trucks offering excellent wear and long treadlife that can help lower your costs. 

Tire for High Mileage Trucks

Designed with the latest innovations, new upgraded higher MILEAGE tire series 12R22.5 KT876/KT866/KT879 tires, were recognized as best high mileage tires by the market with excellent wear and long treadlife. Its “KUNLUN”-brand automobile tires rank leading in China in terms of quality and higher mileage.

The average use mileage exceeds 400,000 kilometers, and the maximum mileage reaches 500,000 kilometers. Compared with other Chinese brands, the average use time of products is more than 50% longer than that of other brands.

Kunlun 4 belts tires- for high mileage tires

Progress Description

Advanced Tread Compound tire design -1
Advanced Tread Compound

Special tread compound with strict raw material control from worldwide well-known enterprise improved rolling resistance and optimum fuel efficiency.

Sidewall Technology Strong Carcass Structure tire design2
Sidewall Technology

Strong Carcass Tire Structure minimized tire deformation for optimized foot sharp and lower energy.

automatic 4.0 advanced equipment tire design 3
Advanced Automatic Progress

Our advanced automation produce an exceptional line of market-leading tires from world top class equipment suppliers.

Strict Quality Control tire design-test line
Strict Quality Control

We ensure Strict Quality Control through full production process in manufacturing of quality tires. 100% tire tested by American Akron Uniformity test line.

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