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Trusted Supplier by 18 Chinese ports and 9 famous cargo service and logistic companies.

Trusted Port Tire Solutions

Cooperated with 18 Chinese ports and 9 famous cargo service and logistic companies, we understand the complexities of ports and the diverse equipment required to keep your operations moving efficiently. We develops a complete tire solution for crane,  container handlers, reach stackers, straddle carriers and other port equipment.

Kunlun port tires KT62, KT619, KT620, KT619C and KT620C with sizes 21.00-25, 18.00-25, 14.00-24, 12.00-24 provides operators with stability, comfort, durability and longevity. It is a great update to “Trusted Products Family” which helps operators minimize their tires’ cost per hour and enhance the productivity and efficiency of the operation.

Kunlun port equipment tires

Solution Description

Tire solutions- Strict control on raw material
Strict Control on Raw Material

Raw Material control and management refers to worldwode well-known suppliers with excellent quality for qualifield product quality. All material was tested in the lab before release to the mass production.

tread formula- port tire solutions
Updated Design and Formula

Improved tread compound with deep tread depth up to 70mm helps reduce heat generation to further boost wear resistance. Enhanced construction (6+1)-(5+1)-(6+1)-(2) to help optimize the stability and controllability of port equipment in all weather conditions.

tire solutions-port tires 4
Advanced Automatic Production

Our advanced automation produce an exceptional line of market-leading tires from world top class equipment suppliers.  FTQ of finished product ≥99.95% of OTR tires.

Kunlun Port tire cases
Strong Market Research

Based on enough market research with our partners, we develops a perfect tire solution for port equipments for longer service life and highest load capacity to meet various vehicle types utilized in load and carry applications.

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