What is a Dump Truck Tire?

Dump truck tires are a specialized category of heavy truck tire designed to endure the rigorous demands of off-road and construction environments. Among these, 11r 22.5 dump truck tires are a popular choice due to their robust construction and superior load-carrying capacity. For applications requiring slightly smaller yet durable options, 15 inch heavy duty truck tires are also available, providing excellent performance in demanding conditions. When selecting the best dump truck tires, it's crucial to consider factors like tread design, durability, and load capacity to ensure optimal performance and safety. Our dump truck tyres are engineered to withstand harsh terrains and heavy loads, making them ideal for construction and mining operations.

The Requirements for Dump Truck Tires

Dump trucks often face complex terrain,heavy loads,and harsh conditions.Therefore,dump truck tiresmust possess the following characteristics:

*Carrying weight: Dump trucks are usually used to transport a large amount of goods or materials, so their tires must be able to withstand a huge weight load. The tipper tire has a high load index and load capacity, which can stably bear the weight of the goods and ensure safe transportation.

*Traction: Dump trucks often work in a variety of terrain and conditions, such as rough work sites, slippery roads or uneven ground. Good traction is the key to ensuring that the dump truck can provide adequate traction and power in these conditions. Tipper tires are designed with special textures and patterns to provide excellent traction and ensure stable driving in all road conditions.

*Durability: Dump trucks usually need to withstand long-term, high-intensity use, and even work in harsh working environments. Therefore, dump truck tires must have excellent durability and wear resistance to cope with frequent wear and severe vibration. High quality dump truck tires provide long life and reliable performance, reducing parking time and the frequency of tire changes.

*Stability and safety: Dump trucks often face unstable working environments during transportation, such as sloping slopes or unstable ground. The design and characteristics of the tipper tire directly affect the stability and safety of the vehicle. Good dump truck tires can provide good grip and handling, reduce the risk of rolling and skidding, and ensure the safety of the driver and the cargo.

In summary, the importance of dump truck tires in heavy duty applications cannot be underestimated. They are not only a critical component of vehicle operation, but also have a direct impact on transport efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, when choosing dump truck tires, we should pay attention to factors such as quality, carrying capacity, traction and durability to ensure that the right tires are selected for the dump truck to meet the specific work needs.

Our Brand-Kunlun's Dump Truck Tires

Kunlun Tire Company is a leading player in the tire industry with extensive experience and advancedtechnology.Kunlun's dump truck tires are designed to meet the specific needs of dump trucks andexcel in quality and performance.

1.Materials and Manufacturing Process

Kunlun's dump truck tires are made with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturingprocesses.The company's engineering team conducts rigorous testing and quality control on eachtire's design and manufacturing to ensure durability and reliability.Advanced rubber formulations andreinforced tire constructions allow Kunlun's dump truck tires to withstand high loads and harshenvironments.

2.Customer Support and Service

Kunlun provides comprehensive after-sales service and technical support to its customers.Thisincludes helping customers choose the right tire models,offering tire maintenance advice,andproviding rapid repair and replacement services when needed.Kunlun is committed to ensuringcustomers receive the best support throughout the tire's lifespan.

3.The Advantages of Kunlun's Dump Truck Tyre

Kunlun's dump truck tyre offer several significant advantages in the market:

  • Reliability:Due to the use of high-quality materials and manufacturing processes,Kunlun's tires arehighly reliable,reducing downtime caused by tire issues.
  • Cost-Effectiveness:Durable tires mean longer service life,reducing the frequency of replacementand repair,which helps lower overall operating costs.
  • Brand Reputation:Kunlun enjoys a good reputation in the tire industry,giving customers confidencethat they are purchasing high-quality tires from a trusted brand.
KUNLUN dump truck tyre

Short and medium distance inner tube series:

11R22.5/12R22.5 dump truck tires---KT801

Product positioning: Kunming high-end mining type (short distance)

Suitable for: drive wheels Mainly used for mixed road surface, mining road surface, not suitable for high-speed road use.

Depth of pattern:

11R22.5: 21mm

12R22.5: 24.5mm

Travel surface width:

11R22.5: 216mm

12R22.5: 240mm

Design weight:

11R22.5: 58KG

12R22.5: 73KG

It is a master to deal with mining road surface and mixed road surface, but not suitable for highways. The wider ride width and heavier weight allow him to carry more cargo weight. For short distances, the KT801 is your choice!

KUNLUN Dump Truck Tire

Short and medium distance inner tube series:

12R22.5-KT820 best dump truck tires

Product positioning: Kunshi high-end standard load type (medium and short distance).

Suitable for: drive wheels.

It is mainly used for general national roads and high-speed road surfaces.

Depth of pattern:20.5mm

Travel surface width:230mm

Design weight:67KG

  • If you use high-speed or paved roads, you can choose the KT820 pattern model, which is naturally built for short paved roads, fuel efficient and quiet during driving.
KUNLUN Dump Truck Tire


Dump truck tyre play a critical role in many industries.They not only need to operate in various harshenvironments but must also ensure vehicle safety and efficiency.Kunlun,as a leading tire company,isdedicated to providing high-quality dump truck tires to help customers handle various challengingworking conditions.If you're looking for reliable,durable,and diverse best dump truck tires,Kunlun is atrusted choice.

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