Ultimate Guide To Choosing 295 80r 22.5 tire

In the vast and evolving world of commercial transportation, few components are as indispensable as the 295 80r 22.5 tire. This tyre model has long been a partner in the efficient and reliable operation of medium - and heavy-duty vehicles, powering the transport of essential goods, materials and passengers in all regions of our world.The 295 80 r 22.5 tires size has become synonymous with the strength, durability and versatility demanded by the modern trucking industry. This type of tire is known for its excellent load carrying capacity, rugged construction and adaptability to various operating conditions, making it an integral part of the supply chain and the foundation of commercial wheel rotation. Over the years, tire manufacturers continue to improve and improve the 295 80r22 5 truck tyres design, materials, in the material, tread pattern and structural reinforcement of the latest innovation, while ensuring quality, but also can improve performance and maneuverability, to ensure your safety at the same time, but also reduce your later maintenance costs. Whether driving on steep mountain roads, stop-and-go traffic in city centers, or rough terrain on remote work sites, this tire is constantly up to the challenge, providing commercial drivers with the confidence and reliable traction they need.

1.How To Choose A Nice 295 80r 22.5 tire?

1.1.Tire Width: The "295" in 295 80r 22.5 tire represents the tire's width in millimeters.  A wider tire can provide better traction and handling, especially in poor weather conditions .

1.2.Aspect Ratio: The "80" refers to the aspect ratio, which is the percentage of the tire's height relative to its width.  An 80% aspect ratio means the tire's sidewall height is 80% of its width.  Lower aspect ratios generally offer better handling and a sportier ride .

1.3.Construction Type: The "R" stands for Radial, indicating the tire's construction.  Radial tires are the most common type, offering a good balance of performance, durability, and cost .

1.4.Wheel Diameter: The "22.5" represents the wheel diameter in inches.  Ensure that the tire size matches the wheel diameter specified by your vehicle manufacturer .

1.5.Load Index and Speed Rating: Check the tire's load index and speed rating to ensure it can handle the weight of your vehicle and is suitable for your driving speed.

1.6.Tread Pattern: The tread pattern affects traction, noise levels, and hydroplaning resistance.  Choose a pattern that suits your driving conditions and preferences .

1.7.Performance Categories: Consider the type of performance you need from your tires, such as all-season, high-performance, or winter tires, and select accordingly .

2.What is 295 80r22 5 truck tyres Used For?

The 295 80r22 5 truck tyres size is commonly used on medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, such as:

2.1.Semi-Trucks and Tractor-Trailers:

This is a very common tire size for the drive axles of semi-trucks and the trailer axles of tractor-trailers.

The large size and robust construction provides the load-carrying capacity and durability needed for heavy hauling.

2.2.Dump Trucks and Refuse Trucks:

The 295 80r22 5 truck tyres is well-suited for the demanding applications of dump trucks and refuse/garbage trucks.

These vehicles require tires that can handle heavy payloads and frequent start-stop operations.

2.3.Buses and RVs:

Some larger buses and recreational vehicles (RVs) may use 295/80R 22.5 tires, especially on the rear axles.

The size offers a good balance of load capacity, ride quality, and stability for these large vehicles.

2.4.Other Commercial Trucks and Trailers:

Beyond the examples above, the 295/80R 22.5 size is commonly found on other medium and heavy-duty commercial trucks, such as delivery vans, box trucks, and large trailers.

3.What Is The Advantages Of 295 80 r 22.5 tires?

3.1.Load Carrying Capacity:

The large 295 mm width and 80 series aspect ratio provides an impressive load rating, allowing these tires to safely carry the heavy payloads typical of medium and heavy-duty trucks.

The wide footprint distributes the weight of the vehicle and cargo over a larger area, reducing the stress on the tire and improving traction.

3.2.Stability and Handling:

The large 22.5-inch rim diameter provides a stable platform for the vehicle, improving high-speed tracking and cornering stability.

The wide tread design also enhances traction and braking performance, especially on wet or uneven surfaces.


The 295 80 r 22.5 tires size is suitable for a wide range of commercial applications, from semi-trucks and tractor-trailers to dump trucks, buses, and other heavy-duty vehicles.

This versatility allows for easier fleet-wide tire management and interchangeability between axles and vehicles.

4.Our Production---KunLun 295 80 r 22 5

  • We have 7 patterns for you to choose from throughout the collection——KT869、KT866、KT852、KT870、KT855、KT856、KT880.

Here I will highlight two patterns for you

  • KT852

It is the representative of the guide wheel in our series. The weight and depth of the pattern are moderate, but the price is very affordable, and with a higher speed level and a deeper pattern depth, you can have a better experience.

Kunlun tire 295 80r 22.5 tire
  • KT870

As a power wheel, it has the highest weight, deepest pattern depth and widest driving surface width in the whole series. There is no doubt that it can provide more powerful power for the truck, so that you can go faster on the road, you do not need to worry about safety issues, because based on the depth of the KT870 pattern and the width of the driving surface, it can give you better braking force to shorten the braking distance!

The advantages of our brand--Kunlun tire:

Kunlun tire brand adopts more advanced technology in the production process, which makes the quality of the product better, and the tires will not be easily damaged under the correct use, which greatly saves the cost of later maintenance for you.

But KunLun's advantage goes beyond technical specifications. The brand's reputation for quality and reliability is based on a deep understanding of the unique needs faced by commercial fleet operators. Through extensive research, collaboration with industry leaders, and a relentless pursuit of innovation, KunLun consistently delivers tires that exceed the expectations of the most discerning customers.

All in all, 295 80R22.5 truck tires have become synonymous with strength, durability and versatility to meet the demanding demands of the modern trucking industry. And Kunlun constantly improve the 295 80R22.5 design, the use of the best raw materials, with the best technology, combined with the latest innovation, to provide customers with higher quality tires at the same time, to ensure the safety of driving, reduce the maintenance cost of tires in the later period, and Kunlun has close and reasonable after-sales service.Whether driving in challenging terrain or urban traffic, this tire consistently delivers the confidence and reliable traction that commercial drivers need. If you need 295/80R22.5 truck tires now, please contact us and let us be your go-to driver on the road!

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