Tire Case Study: Road test results–12R22.5KT866

In the downturn of the transportation industry, the car is difficult to run, and the masters are all in the difficult operation. It is undoubtedly a prudent thing for every car owner to buy a cost-effective tire. Kunlun high-end KT866 easily exceeds 300,000. The abrasion resistance of more than kilometers, the price of grounding gas, win the trust of customers!

This Auman trailer has four fronts and four rears, with a total weight of 85 tons and a short haul distance of 500 kilometers. The guide wheels use KT866

KT866 for steering wheel, Kunlun brand. Tire number is 1811B21735

The dry goods are coming. The steering wheel measures 16 mm. The vehicle travels about 10,000 kilometers per month. The KT866 design pattern is 17 mm. After forming, it is 16.5 mm. That is to say, 0.5 mm wear and run 20,000 kilometers (the first four and the four rear vehicles The steering wheel originally saves tires, but 866 is still eye-catching)

Feedback: From the perspective of wear, the tread is flat and no irregular wear. The average driving mileage is 10000kms for each millimeter of tread wear and is expected to travel 300000kms on the drive position for same wear.

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