KUNLUN 425 85r21 Tyre

As a professional truck tires manufacturers, Kunlun Tires offers the top quality TBR, OTR tires to empower your logistics business!

  • Hot sale in Global market
  • Brand factory tires price
  • Top quality Chinese tires
425 85r21

425 85r21 Tyre-Hot Sale in Global Market & Radial OTR Tyre

Special traction pattern design for loader application

  • High quality, long warranty
  • Competitive Prices than world known brands
  • Tires with good puncture resistance
  • Tyres have good service life
  • Special tread formula

In Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Ukraine, Tangik and other countries popular sales

Specifications levelLoad Indexspeed levelMeasuring rimOuter diameter /mm section width /mmdriving surface width /mmtire load /kg inflation pressure /kpapattern depth /mmtire weight /kg
425/85R2122173E10.00 1260425375650083024.8126
425/85R2120160J10.00 1260425375450055024.8126

KUNLUN Tire 425 85r21 Tyre 20/22PR

  • The Chevron pattern design, so that the tread has good traction and grip.
  • Increase the ground area design, improve the wear resistance of tires.
  • The use of low heat generation, cutting resistance, wear resistance of the special formula.
425 85r21premium tire

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