KT755: Taking Tire Wear To A New Level​

KT755: Taking Tire Wear To A New Level​ 1

After the first few sizes of KT755 were introduced, it was recognized and loved by OTR customers for its excellent anti-abrasion and anti-puncture properties.
So in order to further satisfy the customers' willingness to use KT755, we have added three sizes: 19.5L-24, 12-16.5 and 10-16.5, which enables KT755 to be adapted to more models.

Highlights of KT755

The KT755 is extremely good at both abrasion and puncture resistance, and is versatile, making it an all-around OTR tire!

Super Anti-wear, Anti-pricking

KT755: Taking tire wear to a new level 2

Wide section design brings good Anti-wear, Anti-pricking.

Wide range of usefulness

KT755: Taking tire wear to a new level 3

Suitable for road roller, desert transportation and road compactor application.

Available Specifications

Tire SizePly RatingTread Depth(mm)RimInflation pressure(kpa)Load Capacity(kg)
10-16.514PR17.0 mm8.257202750
19.5L-2414PR31.0 mmDW16L230Kpa(40km/h)34PSI3450KG(40Km/h)7600LBS(25MPH)

How to order?

For ordering KT755, please call +86-13045653929, or send us an email : info@tiresmanufacturer.com

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