Singapore Exhibition

2023 March 8 to 13 We will take part in Singapore Exhibition .

The most professional staff in our company will introduce the KUNLUN Tire technology for everyone . Our company booth number is P16 .Welcome to our booth to communicate . Any questions about tyre we all can reply for you .Looking forward to meeting you everyone ,Hope to establish friendship with you.

Singapore Exhibition 1
KUNLUN Belong to DOUBLE COIN ,The factory in Xin Jiang ,China ,which is a leading tire manufacturer in the China ,also be famous in the world .As present ,the company has the production capacity in producing more than 60 specifications,over 150 varieties,annually producing 2.2 millions all-steel Radial Tires and 1.5 millions engineering tyres and tyres for large agricultural machinery and industrial vehicle. 49 years experience KUNLUN ensure strict quality control through full production process in manufcturing of quality tires. We follow the testing procedures from raw material, production to the use persormance of the tires ,every tires passed 926 testing procedures.All tires has passed a series of domestic and international certifications such as China CCC,American DOT, European ECE, Gulf GCC,etc. We work with top logistic,courier and freight agent allowing us the most competitive transit time and pricing. We understand time is of the essence so we deliver fast turnarounds from the time you send us an enquiry to providing you with product options, to organizing booking and finally fulfilling your order.
The KUNLUN Tire Sizes on dispaly in the exhibition are 295/80R22.5 for KT852 Patterns and 315/80R22.5 for KT870 Patterns . This two sizes are the key sizes in the market ,Which have high load capacity .

1.KT870 is suitable for drive position ,Weight 75.95KG ,Tread Depth up to 265mm +200% load capacity +Longer mileage+Mix cut resistance+Better puncture resistance Blocky pattern and optimal design can enhance driving performance and skid resistance of tyres, the widen tread reduces ground pressure of tyres.
It’s suitable for expressways and paved roads.
2.KT852 wide truck steer tires and trailer tires for Medium and Long-haul Service on highway and paved roads.
1)Weight 63.14KG ,Tread Depth up to 250mm .
2)The design of four straight grooves has functions of guidance ,drainage and comfort on tyres under high-speed running . Waved channel design reduces groove bottom strain,combating the initiation and spread of irregular wear.
3)Wide tread ,excellent tread compound and reasonable tread design provide excellent wear resistance.
4)Wide and open shoulder design can effectively dissipate the heat of shoulder.
About this two sizes and more sizes ,welcome to inquiry ,The staff will carefully introduce for you from the details of product design,Production, tire Technology ,Materiral, Wear resistance,Load capacity,etc or any other questions you can ask them.

Singapore Exhibition 2
Every tire was tested before delivery by the most efficient and fastest tires testing system such FTQ of finished product ≧99.80% of TBR tires. If you want to buy tires or just interested in tires, it doesn’t matter ,our colleague are happy to share information and more ideas they know.They are very passionate to welcome everyone to inquiry .

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