Kunlun 23.5-25-40PR KT619 Loader Tire Performs Very Well in Magnesium Mine

Kunlun 23.5-25-40PR KT619 Loader Tires in Magnesium Mine
Road condition
  • Usage: Magnesium Mine ( Harsh environment)
  • Tire Size:23.5-25-40PR KT619
  • Depth of Pattern:42.5mm
  • Equipment: LIUGONG Loader
  • Working Time: average 18 hours/day
  • 1st Inspection: 31mm of tread left after 6 months use, about 3240 hours.

  • 2nd Inspection: 15mm of tread left after 15 months use, about 8000 hours.
  • Benifits:

Kunlun 23.5-25-40PR KT619 projected tire life is 10000-12000hours, while Brand A’s working hours is only 5000-6000hours on the same application and always happen the sidewall cracking and tread chunking problems.

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