Port Tire Case: 18.00-25 KT619 Got Good Feedback from Tianjin Port

  • Usage: Tianjin Binhai Port
  • Equipment: Kalmar Reach Stacker
  • Tire Size:18.00-25-44PR KT619
  • Depth of Pattern:56mm
  • Position: Front vehicles 4pcs & Back vehicles 2 pcs
  • KMs of Front Vchicles installation : 18926h
  • KMs of Back Vchicles installation : 19575h
  • Inspection Date: August 13th, 2020
  • KMs: 18926h
  • Result: 46mm tread depth left after 649 hours use on front vehicles; 10mm tread depth left after 2720 hours use on back vehicles.
  • Benifits: 

18.00-25-44PR KT619 can reach 3500 hours on front vehicles and 3000 hours on back vehicles for the port high torque and high load working conditions on container single arm crane industry.

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