Introduction of Port tyre

Main Production Equipment For Port Tyre:
Factory develop new rubber mixing equipment in recent years:Automatic weighing system with high precision, faster speed; XM370(6-60r/min)4WH rotor with bigger shear force and better mixing effect, is suitable to produce masterbatch; XM270(4-40r/min)TB synchronous rotor with better mixing uniformity, is suitable to produce finished batch.

In order to achieve the sustanable devlopment for Port tyre and special tyre,Kunlun factory invest lot of money to carry out the technological transformation plan(such as new three-position steel wire,105 inch automatic vulcanizing machine, update winding machine and so on).

So Kunlun factory has advanced production line in the bias tyre industry and special tyre industry.

Compared with Similar tyre
Kunlun, Similar tyre forming way :7+6+7+2,but three steel ring of similar tyre are all five-layer cord fabric cross seam allowance.

1#,3# steel ring of Kunlun tyre are both six-layer cord fabric cross seam allowance,2# steel ring are five-layer,so strength of seam allowance for Kunlun are higher.

Feature of out size after inflation :same width,but higher by 2cm,looks like stronger

Compared by Physical Performance:

1.Tyre Tread Hardness Higher by 3°

2.Tyre Tread Elongation at Break and Side Elongation at Break are little lower,but Tensile Stength is better

3.Tyre Tread 300%Stretching and Side Tensile Stength are little better

4.Detrition is almost same;

As you see from picture,the distribution of material on seam allowance are both well-proportioned,but there is obvious sharp on Kunlun’s Bead toe and little bigger radian on tyre para place.So Kunlun tyre have better air seal performance.

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