Enhance The Influence Of Kunlun Tyre Brand In Pakistan Market

Kunlun Tyre Brand In Pakistan Market

Tires play a vital role in the transportation industry, especially in a country like Pakistan with a growing economy and extensive road networks such as CPEC highway and Motorway. This blog aims to provide insights into the tyre market in Pakistan and discuss what we need to make the brand more powerful and performance-oriented. The following are the main major points.

  1. Understanding the Pakistan Tyre Market:

Before diving into ways to enhance brand performance, it's crucial to understand the Pakistan market. Consider the following factors:

      a) Road Conditions: Pakistan has a diverse range of road conditions, including highways, city roads, and off-road terrains.

      b) Load Capacity: Pakistan's Loadingindustry deals with various cargo loads, from heavy machinery to agricultural products.

      c)Fuel Efficiency: Given the rising fuel pricesby the government, the main focus is also a fuel-efficient tire.

      d) Season as a vital role: In Pakistan market there are full 4 seasons. Due to which it plays a vital role on road and Tyres life. Due to which it has an effect on Tyres life.

  1. Key Strategies for Enhancing Tyre Performance:

To make tyres more powerful and performance-oriented, manufacturers should consider the following approaches to make the brand famous and have strong footing in Pakistan Market:

      a) Advanced Tire Construction: Employing advanced tire construction techniques can significantly enhance performance. This may include using high-quality materials, optimizing tread patterns, and incorporating innovative sidewall designs for improved traction and stability.

      b) Reinforced Sidewalls: Strengthening the sidewalls of tyres can increase their resistance to punctures, cuts, and impacts. This feature is particularly important for handling rough road conditions and heavy loads.

      c) All-Season Versatility: Designing tyres that perform well in different weather conditions can be a game-changer. Weshould focus on creating tyres with excellent wet and dry grip, as well as enhanced traction on snow and ice.

      d) Smart Tire Technology: Incorporating smart tire technology can revolutionize tyre performance. This includes features such as tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and embedded sensors that provide real-time data on tyre condition, temperature, and wear.

3.Customer Feedback:

  • Agricultural Tyre: Before Kunlun Tyre in Pakistan market there was Turkey brand Petlas in size 9.5-24. In Pakistan Market every customer of 24-HP Tractor were having the name of Petlas or Starmax. This Tyre only work for 3-years maximum due to the small lug height.But after Kunlun 9.5-24 KT59 when we introduce this tyre in the market every person left Petlas and Starmax Tyre and demanded KT59 Kunlun Tyre.
  1. Reasons of Removing the Turkish Brand:
    • Petlas brand have small lugs in height due to which it will be finished before its time of consuming.
    • Due to small lugs the Lug gets out from the tyre which will make the tyre wobble and it will not work in the tractor rightly due to loss of money.
    • Less lugs than Kunlun will make the tyres round big due to which the patrol expense will be higher.
  2. Benefits of Kunlun:
    • Big Lugs leads to the increase of Tyres life.
    • Many Lugs leads to rotate the tire faster which leads to the efficiency of Fuel consumption of tractor.
    • High width and length of tyre makes the tractor Lug remain attached to the tyre instead of getting out when it collide with rocks.

Enhance The Influence Of Kunlun Tyre Brand In Pakistan Market 1

  • Light Truck Tire:In Pakistan Market there was a high demand of CEAT and BIRLA which are Indian Brands of the Size 9.00-20. This sizes all the Tractor Trolleys used. On every customer mouth it was these names. Some time I felt like these are medicines which are written to patient to use only these two brands. But after bring TBB 9.00-20 KT201 and introducing this tire in Pakistan market now every customer is in demand of this tire.
  1. Reasons of Removing the Turkish Brand:
    • Indian brands were very hard which will get the thread out and sometimes it will be burst out due to the hard surface
    • The weight of the Tyres was lower than the Kunlun Tyres. And Sidewall was lighter than Kunlun tire which will result in tire sidewall get out from rim.
    • The manufacture code was old which will result in low durability.
    • On the Highways the tire less, durable which will lead to make the tire heat fast which will result in tire bursting.
  1. Benefits of Kunlun:
    • Due to the more weight and heavy sidewall the tire will not come out from Rim due to heavy weight.
    • More Life of tire due to more durable Rubber.
    • Due to Fresh Manufacturing of Kunlun Tire the tire is very durable on highways and Rocky areas.
    • Due to more durability the efficacy of Fuel is also good.
    • Due to good pattern design road grip is very strong.
    • Enhance The Influence Of Kunlun Tyre Brand In Pakistan Market 2

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