295 80r22 5 Tyre-18PR Kunlun Tire KT870

295 80R22.5-18PR Kunlun Tire KT870

295 80r22 5 tyre Features:

  • Block proportion optimization design improve the driving performance and wet and skid resistance of tire.
  • Widen driving surface design provides excellent wet and skid wear resistance.
  • Extra-deep tread and new tread formula for aggressive traction and long original mileage.
  •  Mixed highway and freeway application, for long distance and national transportation service.

295 80r22 5 tyre Specifications:

Tire SizePly RatingPatternTread Depth
Speed RatingLoad IndexRimSection Width
Load Capacity (kg)Inflation Pressure/kpaTread Width


295 80r22 5 tyre Brazilian Tire Market:

The prospect of China tire in the Brazilian market is good, because cheap chinese tires- cost-effective, and also perform well in terms of quality. With the development of the economy, people's demand for cars continues to increase, which makes the demand of the tire market also continues to increase. Therefore, the demand for tires in the Brazilian market is also increasing, which provides a good opportunity for the development of Chinese tires in the Brazilian market.

Brazil, the Federal Republic of Brazil, is the largest country in South America and enjoys the reputation of "the Kingdom of football". Its total land area is 8,514,900 square kilometers, ranking fifth in the world. The population is 201 million. It borders Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana.


Rich in natural resources and a complete industrial base, Brazil has the largest GDP in South America and the seventh largest economy in the world. It is one of the BRICS countries and a member of the Union of South American Nations. He is a founding member of the Rio Group, a member of MERCOsur and the G20, and an observer of the Non-Aligned Movement. It is one of the fastest growing countries in the world and one of the important developing countries. Brazil is also exerting a growing influence in the world.

The southeast region is the most populous region in Brazil, with a population of more than 78 million according to IBGE2004 data, equivalent to 42% of the total population of Brazil. The region is home to Brazil's three most populous states (Sao Paulo, 70 million people, Minas Gerais, 19 million, Rio de Janeiro, 15 million) and two largest cities (Rio and Sao Paulo). The border area between Sao Paulo and Rio has formed a commercial zone with Sao Paulo and Rio as the pillar, which gathers about 23% of Brazil's population, becoming the country's most densely populated region.

Brazil's economy ranks first in Latin America. On 1 July 1994, the former currency name Cruzeiro Real was abolished (2,750 Cruzeiro real to the US dollar at the time of abolition), and the new currency name was renamed the real (1 US dollar to 1 real). On September 29, 2013, the exchange rate of 1 US dollar was 2.2095 reais. GDP in 2012 was R $4.403 trillion (~ US $2.223 trillion), GDP per capita reached R $22,402 (~ US $11,313), GDP growth rate: 0.9%. Brazil also leads the world in aircraft manufacturing.

The Brazilian economy is a free market economy and an export-oriented economy. With a gross domestic product of more than $1 trillion, it is the seventh largest economy in the world and the second largest in the Americas. In purchasing power parity terms, its GDP is $1.8 trillion. Its comprehensive strength ranks first in Latin America. Its economic structure is close to that of developed countries.

The terrain of Brazil is divided into two main parts, one is the Brazilian plateau above 500 meters above sea level, distributed in the south of Brazil, and the other is the plain below 200 meters above sea level, mainly distributed in the Amazon river basin in the north and the west. The whole terrain is divided into Amazon plain, Paraguay Basin, Brazil Plateau and Guyana Plateau, of which the Amazon plain accounts for about 1/3 of the country's area. So our Kunlun brand truck tires are particularly popular there.

295 80r22 5 Tyre Price-Customer Feedback?

Recently, we collected customer feedback from KUNLUN KT870 according to our market visit survey.

Customer Background:Transport company


Feedback Tire Mileage:KUNLUN KT870 - 100,000km

Comparison of Tire Brands:

Goodyear - 150,000km

Bridgestone 155,000km

Pirelli 110,000km


Comparative Summary:In recent years, KUNLUN Tire, as a Chinese brand tire, has been spreading in the international market at an amazing speed. Since the establishment of the factory and the brand for decades, we have always maintained the original intention, keeping the quality in mind, and producing the quality tires that customers like. On the other hand, Chinese tires are becoming more and more recognized by more people, which is inseparable from our constant control of product prices. In the future, we will continue to stand at the forefront of the world, so that our brand tires can serve you more!

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