Tyre Importer Saudi Arabia-Tyre Market Interview

Tyre Importer Saudi Arabia-Tyre Market Interview

1.How Is The Tyre Market In Tyre Importer Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries with the highest per capita automobile consumption in the world, and Saudi Arabia is also the largest market for auto parts and related services in the Middle East, ranking fifth in the world. For auto parts suppliers, Saudi Arabia is a paradise full of opportunities. Saudi Arabia is not only the largest trading country in the Middle East and neighboring Africa, but also the largest economic scale and fastest growing market.

Saudi Arabia is the largest importer of tires and batteries, as the largest tire importer, tires saudi arabia consumes about 4 million tires and about 1 million batteries per year. Saudi Arabia imports more than 275,000 vehicles annually, worth more than $12 billion. With an annual import of $2.4 billion in auto parts, Saudi Arabia has become the largest auto and parts market in the entire Middle East.

China's bus exports to Saudi Arabia have grown rapidly in recent years, Saudi Arabia imports about 4,000 buses a year, I a bus company exported 1,800 buses to Saudi Arabia in 2008, it is reported that in the busiest bus use of the Hajj season, the holy city of Mecca, Medina, about 90% of the operation of buses are from China. Therefore, there is also a great demand for bus tyre. The potential for growth in the automotive industry is an attraction for some automakers.

In Dammam Industrial City 2, Japanese automaker Isuzu has built a production facility with plans to produce 25,000 light and heavy trucks in 2017, mainly to address rising domestic and export demand. This will greatly improve the development of OEM tire sales in the country over the next five years.

Tyre Market Interview -Saudi Arabia

2、Tires Saudi Arabia Tyre Market Environment

Saudi Arabia is the largest automotive market in the Gulf region with the following characteristics:

  1. )Market characteristics - product supply, high per capita income.
  2. )Medium and high-end cars have a large market share. The area is vast, and the road and transportation infrastructure are developed.
  3. )Pay attention to product quality, the product needs to drive for a long time without failure,
  4. )Cheap oil (1/5 of China's oil price), no road maintenance fees, tolls, parking fees and other costs, low car maintenance costs

Prefer a car with a bigger displacement

  1. )The population is small, the government encourages childbirth, large families of more than 6 people are common, and cars with larger internal space are popular. In order to facilitate daily use, the requirements for high-quality passenger car tires are relatively high.

In 2013, only 740,000 tires were sold for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.Tires saudi arabia demand is met through imports, and manufacturers are very limited. In addition, the relatively short replacement cycle of tires due to extreme weather conditions is also a major reason for increasing the sale of replacement tires in the country.

3、Tire Saso Certification-Tire Technician Certification

(1) Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf

GCC is the abbreviation of the Gulf Cooperation Council.The Gulf Cooperation Council was established on 25 May 1981 in ABU Dhabi, UAE. Its member is Saudi Arabia,Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, the Sultanate of Oman, the Kingdom of Bahrain and other 6 countries. The general secretariat is locatedRiyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, is an important economic organization in the Middle East.

(2) Introduction to GCC certification of motor vehicle and tire products

According to the GCC Standards Organization (GSO) made at the Kuwait Ministerial Meeting on October 12, 2004。It was decided that from 1 January 2005, GSO would conduct motor vehicle and tyre products in accordance with the relevant Gulf standards Verify and issue GCC certification. The approved GCC certificate will be valid in all GCC member countries.

GCC Certification Our range of certified tires products KT186 315 80R22.5, KT858 315/80R22.5, KT876 7.50R16LT, KT858, KT870, KT750.

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