Kunlun Heavy Truck Tyre attended 2018 Around Taklimakan Rally with XCMG

As the No. 1 in Asia and the largest authoritative off-road international event in China, the Around Taklimakan Rally enjoys a global reputation. Kunlun heavy truck tyre together with XCMG won six "Golden Helmet Awards" finally.

1. Introduction of 2018 China Around Taklimakan Rally

Time: June 2th – June 14th, 2018
Add: Along the roads around the Taklamakan Desert in Xinjiang

China Around Taklimakan Rally is known as the "Dakar of the East" for its long race distance, complex road conditions, and harsh race environment. The ground temperature is up to 70℃, all kinds of complex and harsh terrain are the ultimate test of vehicle safety, comfort, power performance, and air conditioning system.

2. Kunlun heavy truck tyre 315/80R22.5 KT850 together with XCMG

A harsh environment is a touchstone for testing tire quality.

The Around Taklimakan Rally covers the topography and landforms with Xinjiang characteristics such as the canyon Yadan, Taklimakan Desert, Gobi, and the Kunlun Snow Mountains. The whole schedule will bring new challenges to the tires.

Kunlun tyre, together with XCMG Heavy Truck, will compete in Around Taklimakan Rally with our famous product 315/80R22.5 KT850 design, which has features as follow:

  • Wider transverse tread groove design to improve the driving performance and anti-slip performance;
  • Wider driving surface up to 260mm to improve tire ground pressure;
  • Larger block pattern design to improve tire wear resistance;
  • Open shoulder design and special tread formula increases the tire's heat dissipation performance.

3. Kunlun Tire provides a strong guarantee for the competition

Kunlun tires will accompany XCMG heavy truck to attend 10 special stages in 12 days, special stage mileage of 2,769 km, the total mileage of 5,000 km, through the sand and gravel, Gobi, desert, Yadan riverbed, and grassland, not only to test the limits of racing performance but also to test the limits of tire performance.

The Kunlun Tire KT850 tire provides us with a strong guarantee. Its 4-belt and 5-layer sidewall strong carcass technology not only increases the strength of the pattern block, but also effectively reduces the damage to the side tires caused by road conditions. , So that the tires are extremely strong, and can calmly deal with the strong impact of foreign objects in the Gobi road conditions

Galloping in the desert, traveling with the brave!

4. XCMG heavy truck and Kunlun tyre, won six "Golden Helmet Awards"

Kunlun Tyre has already proven its extraordinary strength and championship quality, and won six "Golden Helmet Awards". These brilliant achievements are recognition and commendation for Kunlun Tyre.

Shanshan Stage SS1-SS3 three "Golden Helmet Awards"
Hami Stage SS4- SS7 three "Golden Helmet Awards"

Kunlun intends to create a high-end product, with local products in Xinjiang to challenge the harsh environment, complex road conditions, with the Tour de Tower race to prove our products "endurance, challenge the limits"!

As one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers, Kunlun provides a full range of high-quality tires to meet the needs of light trucks, trucks, buses, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and other vehicle models.

Kunlun tyre sell well in more than 100 countries and have been repeatedly recognized by domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers.

Related Products:

In 2021, Kunlun tyre upgraded KT850 to be KT870

In 2021, based on Xinjiang's complex road conditions and performance of KT850, Kunlun Tyre upgraded the tire design, formula, and structure again, and launch a new medium and short-distance pattern-KT870.
Both patterns have a special pattern, unique structural design, and high wear resistance formula.

  • Extra wide tread up to 265mm, and depth 22mm, provide excellent wear resistance;
  • Reinforced 4 belt structure and high wear resistance formula, improves the tire puncture resistance and longer tire life;
  • Stronger 22PR for 315/80R22.5 improves Load Capacity up to 200% ;
  • Block proportion optimization design improve the driving performance and wet and skid resistance of tire.

According to testing data, compared with similar products, Kunlun KT870 service life is increased by 20%, the bead durability is increased by 30%, and the load capacity is increased by 60%, which is the best choice for our customers.

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