How To Choose 315 80r 22.5 tires?

Introduction of 315 80r22 5 tire

315 80r 22.5 tires are ideal for heavy duty trucks and transportation of waste management vehicles and other commercial vehicle, trucks, buses. These tires are specially developed for use in hot weather. They have higher capacity to maximize life cycle of tire and reduce operating costs through low occurrence of technical issues. In this article we will understand all about this tire size and it’s specifications and features to its applications and benefits, this article will provide you with valuable insights into this versatile tire size.

This tire has developed in a way for improved mileage with an increased rubber contact patch and reduce uneven wear with the stable footprint. This tire is useful for wheels in the driving position and are applicable on rough road surfaces.

I. What are the 315 80r22 5 tire definitions and specifications :

We will define this tire through following properties like what all numbers basically represents in tire size 315: the width of the tire in mm. 80: the height of the tire in relation to the width, R: radial tire, 22.5: the rim diameter in inches.

Furthermore we will explain specifications of tire in arranged form which are following:

  • 315:the width of the tire in mm
  • 80:the height of the tire in relation to the width
  • R:radial tire (thus not diagonal; read about the difference here)
  • 5:the rim diameter in inches
  • 154:load index for single assembly
  • 150:load index for double assembly
  • M:speed index, in this case, maximum 130 km/hour

The directional tread with heavy-duty tread provides superior traction, providing stability and control on and off-road, improved your road experience, thus excellent grip, tear resistance providing a safe and reliable experience.

KT850 315 80r22 5 tire

II. What is the design and construction of 315 80r 22.5 tires

Construction of heavy-duty tire with a unique cut and chip resistant compound for long life in high-intensity applications. These features increased durability and a load-bearing capacity above.

But this size designed for rough road surfaces, this tire excels in difficult terrain, ensuring consistent performance and reliability in challenging conditions. Some designs are having different purpose like rugged shoulder which helps resist impacts. Integrated tread blocks with tie bars enhanced block rigidity for high traction and superior durability. Stone ejectors increases casing life by stopping rock from entering the casing. Wide 4 belt package provides uniform ground contact for excellent impact absorption and casing retread ability.

315 80r22 5 tyres

III. How this kind of design and construction will help to improve overall end results and some of the features are below mentioned:

  • Versatile non-directional off-the-road tread pattern
  • Excellent on-road suitability
  • All steel radial construction for maximum durability and stability
  • Special self-cleaning design with dome mud breakers

IV. What are the applicable fields of 315 80r22 5 tyres?

These tires are for urban all-position. This design that guaranty overall protection with its cut-and-tear technology. In addition, due to its durable casing, this tire safety checks for the ability to withstand high temperatures, superior traction, high mileage, and longer tread life.

This is also applicable for all wheel positions, best suited to drive on urban and rural areas and one mixed road conditions like national roads.

This tire size developed in way that It prevents the submerge of small stones in tires and enables the tire to achieve super performance.



V. How to choose the Right 315 80r22 5 tyres ?


When it comes to selecting the right tires for your vehicle, we think that the answer lies in the level of commitment of brand in quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

tire factory manufacturing process is driven by strict quality control measures at every stage, ensuring that each tire that meets the highest standards of performance, durability, and safety.

Also some other factors needs to consider while selecting this size which are mentioned below:

  • For  315 80r 22.5 which are more wider and providing more road surface contact and improved stability.It has a higher load capacity, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications such as construction, mining, or long-haul transportation. In addition, this tire typically has a deeper tread depth, offering better traction on various road surfaces and increased durability. Also this size might be more fuel-efficient due to its profile.


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