The Tyre Production Process-Mixing

Process One: Mixing Process

Mixing Process is to mix materials, such as Carbon Black, Natural Synthetic Rubber, Oil, Additive, Accelerator,] etc. together, and processing in the Internal Mixer, then get rubber film.

All the materials should be test before send into Internal Mixer,after be permited then can be used. Every pot weight is about 250 kilograms in Internal Mixer,

The glue stock used in every kind of Rubber part have specific performance .

The rubber film composition depends on the tyre performance requirement.

At the same time, the rubber film composition change also depends on the related producer and market’s demand. This demand mainly comes from the traction, driving performance, road surface condition and tire own requirements

All the rubber film should be test before going into next process, after be permited then can be used in next process.

Next process will be updated soon…

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