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As a professional tire manufacturer, KunlunTires offers the highest quality TBR, OTR tires to empower your logistics business!

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Production Capacity, Affordable Price

Annual production capacity up to 3 millions TBR tires and 2 millions OTR and AGR tires manufactured to deliver high performance and cost value.

Leading cumulative sales volume

Kunlunm entered Middle East market since 2018, have been the Fastest Growing tire brand with monthly volume 30000 piece TBR tires and 4500 pieces OTR and AGR tires.

Certified Products, Quality Guaranteed

We are aware of the Saudi Arabia road challenges and conditions, all tires have passed highest standards GSO, SASO, EU LABEL certificates.

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2022-2023 Kunlun & Newpower TBR catalogue-new

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2022-2023 Kunlun Bias Tyres Catalog- OTR, TBB, AGR, IND

Why Sets us Apart

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Kunlun automatic tire production line will tell you how robotics and highly advanced automation produce an exceptional line of market-leading tires.
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Our intelligent automatic production line and bulk material purchase lower the cost, to deliver affordable price, more tire value to our customers.
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Knowledgeable and experienced people prepared to provide you best tire solutions. You are worthy of our best effort and we promise to deliver support with integrity and accountability.
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Kunlun offers a comprehensive number of high-quality TBR or OTR tires that are engineered to the highest standards GSO, SASO, DOT, ECE, ISO, SNI, INMETRO certificates.

Intelligent Automatic Production Line

5 Reasons to Choose KunlunTires

Full Automation

The time of producing a single tire is reduced from 48 hours to 30 hours. Kunlun Urumqi Tire plant, “connects in the whole line” all equipment, robots and process flows via the “Super Brain”MES,conducts information interaction, data collection, process monitoring, and intelligent feedback throughout the entire process of each production line, to achieve all-area intelligence, all-process automation and all-round information.

5 Reasons to Choose KunlunTires

Strict Quality Control

We ensure Strict Quality Control through full production process in manufacturing of quality tires. Every tire was tested before delivery by the most efficient and fastest tire testing system such FTQ of finished product ≥99.80% of TBR tires. FTQ of finished product ≥99.95% of OTR tires. FTQ of finished product ≥96.99% of AGR tires.

5 Reasons to Choose KunlunTires

Full-automatic logistics System

Using AGV "automatic guided transport vehicle" from Sweden, 3D truss robot, ABB joint robot from Switzerland and other international advanced equipment, Kunlun’s advanced logistic system has made all the production procedures high-efficiency, fast, intelligent, and lowers the cost of final tires.

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Intelligent Stereoscopic Warehouses

The intelligent warehouse system has improved the storage efficiency by integrating information flow with logistics. 4 Automated Intelligent stereoscopic warehouses has effectively reduced inventory in the production process and guaranteed the quality of tire parts and semi-parts.

5 Reasons to Choose KunlunTires

Ultimate Shipping Service

We work with top logistic, courier and Freight agent allowing us the most competitive transit time and pricing.We understand time is of the essence so we deliver fast turnarounds from the time you send us an enquiry to providing you with product options, to organizing booking and finally fulfilling your order.


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Kunlun truck tires in Iran Market

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Kunlun tire in Saudi Arabia Market

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Kunlun tyre in Pakistan Market

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Double Con OTR in Iran, Jordan

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2022-2023 Kunlun & Newpower TBR catalogue-new

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